Links to Nutrition and Physical Activity Resources

Links to Nutrition and Physical Activity Resources a collection of Internet resources to fitness activities and health information.

Interactive Web Sites
Try out the VERB Game Generator and the Video Mixer at this site to create videos, games, and physical activities that you and your friends can use to stay fit and healthy. View ideas submitted by other teens, and develop ideas of your own to take outdoors and test out new ways to be physically active.
Think about it-circus clowns must be among the fittest people around. Get Circus Fit daily tips for warm-ups, exercises, and healthy eating. Then pick your action, props, and time in the Crazy Clown College Challenge and see if you can succeed at the activity challenge.

Activities, Information, and Resources
Make up your own fitness calendar and try out the activity cards at the Body and Mind physical activity site. Get advice from a physical activity expert. You can even take a quiz that will help you find out which activities will best suit your personality.
Learn about The President's Challenge at this site, a program that encourages all Americans to make being active part of their everyday lives. No matter what your activity and fitness level, the President's Challenge can help motivate you to improve your health.
Log into this site from PECentral to Get Active and Stay Active. Build your own fitness journal here, and once you get started with 60 minutes of physical activity every day you are on your way to meeting the President's Challenge for an Active Lifestyle.
Explore orienteering, also known as "the thinking sport" because it combines map reading and decision making with a walk in the outdoors. Read about the team events in the United States, and then click on the Education link to find out how it's done and how you can start a program or club at your school.
Get active, stay active, and get the facts on this Fitness Jumpsite. Find activity calculators, a fitness library, and explore the resources on getting and staying active, nutrition, managing weight, and fitness equipment provided at this site.
Look better, feel better, have more energy, and make fitness a part of your lifestyle. This means eating healthy, staying active, and keeping a positive attitude. Click Join the Activators to get tips and ideas that include the benefits of a healthy breakfast and five-a-day fruits and vegetables while incorporating plenty of physical activity.

Nutrition, Safety, and Careers
Improving nutrition and the well-being of Americans is the goal of this site developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Learn food facts and ways to balance your diet for health using the interactive MyPyramid. With the MyPyramid Tracker you can make a healthy eating plan and automatically track your progress.
Click on the Sports and Nutrition link to find guidelines for young athletes, including pregame meal planner and healthy ways to stay hydrated during physical activity. Have fun with food ideas, recipes, snacks, jumprope games and fitness rhymes to help you maintain an active lifestyle.
Discover dozens of ideas at the In the Mix Eat Smart & Exercise Web site. Be sure to read the Teen Tip Sheet and try the BMI calculator provided here to measure your fitness levels. Then view the clips to hear from active teens who know the benefits of healthy food choices and regular physical activity.
Nutrition lessons, recipes, eco-gardening, and healthy school lunches are the goals accomplished by this program developed by middle school students. Explore their favorite recipes under Our Kitchen, and then find out in Our Garden how they grew healthy foods to incorporate into nutritious eating plans. Get some ideas in the garden journals and develop healthy menus of your own.
Get the latest information on sport, sports injuries and injury prevention as well as information on improving sports performance. Each month Smartplay Snippets chooses a topical issue related to sport, recreation, physical activity and injury prevention. Click the menu buttons to learn more about sports injuries and sports safety.
The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic includes a comprehensive overview of common injuries. Click on the muscle area in the graphic or use the menu to find a description of symptoms. Then read the first-aid steps, view video clips, and find out when to see a medical provider or specialist for treatment.
Ever wonder how kids with disabilities get around? Did you know that downhill skiers with only one leg have been clocked at 74 mph? Explore this site to find out what exactly how physically active a person with disabilities can be. Find links to athlete biographies, paralympic games, and more.
Discover fitness careers to fit your lifestyle. Find job opportunities that are geared toward health, fitness, and nutrition. Whether you are thinking about part-time jobs, full-time jobs, or jobs that let you travel, you'll find a wealth of information here. You will read a detailed description of a dozen fitness-related jobs, including education requirements, job responsibilities, salary information, and training.