FCAT Test Practice
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 FCAT Test Practice

Succeeding on FCAT

Summary Report by Comprehensive Practice Test

Grade 6

Standard LA.A.1  The student uses the reading process effectively.

Standard LA.A.2  The student constructs meaning from a wide range of texts.

Standard MA.A.1  The student understands the different ways numbers are represented and used in the real-world.

Standard MA.A.3  The student understands the effects of operations on numbers and the relationships among these operations, selects appropriate operations, and computes for problem solving.

Standard MA.A.4  The student uses estimation in problem solving and computation.

Standard MA.B.1  The student measures quantities in the real-world and uses the measures to solve problems.

Standard MA.B.3  The student estimates measurements in real-world problem situations.

Standard MA.D.1  The student describes, analyzes, and generalizes a wide variety of patterns, relations, and functions.