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Business and Chapter Activities Menu

Students will select a chapter from the scrolling menu to explore Show Me presentations, Let Me Try activities, videos, Info Treks, and Apply-It! mini simulations.

Business and Chapter Activities

Chapter Activities

  • The Business Tour offers a brief view of the business being used to model the chapter concepts.
  • Info Trek provides students opportunities to find more information on the Internet in a guided way that extends their learning experience.
  • The Chapter Overview explains what can be learned in each chapter.

       Chapter Activities Example

  • Show Me activities offer multimedia presentations of key accounting concepts and procedures.
  • Let Me Try activities ask students to practice what they've learned.
  • Audit with Alex is an advanced activity that guides the student into actual accounting interactions.

Apply It! Mini Simulations

Six Apply It! mini simulation activities are interspersed among the 28 chapters. Students complete the required tasks by using accounting knowledge learned over a specified range of chapters. Apply It! Example

Students may review previously learned concepts, or move into the Apply It! activity from this screen. Apply It! Example

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