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Peachtree Tutorials

  • Provide step-by-step animated and voiced explanations about how to use Peachtree Complete® Accounting software.
  • Found on the Student and Teacher Peachtree Accounting CD-ROM.

Peachtree Tutorial

1 A moving pointer and cursor indicate where to fill in information. In this example, the cursor guides you from one cell of the general journal to the next, as the audio explains how to fill in each cell and the correct data is automatically typed in as you watch.
2 Audio instructions are printed in the blue text box below the form.
3 The "Things to Remember" window appears to provide added information.
4 Click Previous Step to replay the previous step demo.
5 Click Next Step to go on to the next step of the demo.
6 "Page 2 of 9" indicates that this is the 2nd of 9 screens.
7 Click Replay Step to see the current step again.
8 Click Exit to exit the demo and return to the Peachtree Problems and Tutorials menu.

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