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Electronic Field Trips in Accounting Videos

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Motivate and challenge your students with Glencoe’s Electronic Field Trips in Accounting VHS videos. Twenty-one separate video segments cover career opportunities, key accounting concepts, ethics, business transactions, interviewing skills, and much more. Each segment features full-motion video and graphics to introduce and illustrate concepts. Interactive questions invite students to apply what they’ve learned.

Video Segments


The Real World of Accounting

Preparing for an Interview

Entering the Workforce

Knowing Your Legal Rights


Accounting All Around You

Business Transactions

Computerized Accounting

Business Ethics

Global Perspectives

The Accounting Cycle

Banking and Internal Control

Payroll Accounting

Sales and Cash Receipts

Purchases and Cash Payments

Adjusting Entries

Financial Statements and Analysis

Closing Entries



Partnerships and Corporations

The McGraw-Hill Companies