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Career Corner

RHI Career Tips from Robert Half International

Robert Half International Inc. is the world's first and largest staffing service specializing in accounting, finance, banking, and technology systems. Here you will find tips from Robert Half about career skills and interview techniques. Select a topic to the left.

For insights into a successful interview, check out the
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The way you present yourself is important throughout your career, not just during a job interview. Be confident and friendly. Always be prompt, and work hard. Put in the hours necessary to do first-rate work.


Money is not all a company can offer. Some companies offer benefits such as advancement opportunities, stock options, tuition reimbursement, training, telecommuting, flex-time and child-care. Employees who feel valued work harder.

Career Goals

Higher positions do not mean shorter hours. Executives surveyed averaged 54 hours a week, with one-third working longer hours now than five years ago. Employees wanting to advance as a company grows will often work additional hours.

Communication Skills

Communication is very important in a team-oriented work environment. Learn to communicate your ideas to others through written memos or verbal updates. Always keep your supervisor updated on the status of your projects.

Numbers are important to accountants, but 96 percent of financial executives say communication skills are essential. Learn what it takes to clearly put your ideas into writing, and practice speaking to large groups of people.


Many companies look for leadership potential in new employees. Look beyond your immediate area of responsibility. Help your colleagues, learn what motivates and inspires people, and take on new challenges.

Math and Reading Skills

When hiring, many companies find applicants who do not have basic math, reading, writing or leadership skills. You can improve your chances of being hired by working on weaknesses in these areas before you go to a job interview.

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Second Languages

When focusing on an accounting career, consider learning a second language. Among executives surveyed, 63 percent said Spanish is the most important language to know as business becomes more global.

Team Efforts

In business, success is usually a team effort. Help out whenever your help is necessary, even if it is "not your job." Show initiative, and give credit to the group when someone compliments a job well done.

Many executives believe a good team player is one who can meet deadlines. Everyone must help keep a project on track. If you don't, everyone else has to work harder to compensate.


Technology is part of the accounting profession. Spend some time on the Internet and see what's available about accounting. Discover the latest business trends, and learn to research new information about the industry.

Time Management

Learn to manage your time by planning ahead. Get organized with a "to-do" list. Gather your supplies and resources for each task, then set priorities and schedule similar tasks together.

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