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Chapter 18: Adjustments and the Ten-Column Work Sheet

Study Plans

Chapter 18 Study Plan

Self-Assessment Quizzes

Chapter 18, Section 1, Identifying Accounts To Be Adjusted and Adjusting Merchandise Inventory
Chapter 18, Section 2, Adjusting Supplies, Prepaid Insurance, and Federal Corporate Income Tax
Chapter 18, Section 3, Completing the Work Sheet and Journalizing and Posting the Adjusting Entries

Extend: A Matter of Ethics

Chapter 18: Out-of-Date Goods, p. 489

  • Visit the Business for Social Responsibility Web site at Click on the "Resources" page and explore the "CSR News Releases" link.
  • Select an article and prepare a brief oral presentation for your class. Include details about how the corporation's actions impact society and company profitability.

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