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Chapter 16: Special Journals: Sales and Cash Receipts

Study Plans

Chapter 16 Study Plan

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Chapter 16, Section 1, The Sales Journal
Chapter 16, Section 2, The Cash Receipts Journal

Extend: A Matter of Ethics

Chapter 16: Working for a Competitor, p. 427

  • Many U.S. companies require key employees to sign non-compete agreements to protect trade secrets and prevent former employees from working for their competitors. Some non-compete agreements prevent former employees from continuing to work in the same industry when they leave their position.
  • Using your favorite search engine, research non-compete agreements.
  • Write a report describing the purpose and legality of non-compete agreements. Explain how they are used and enforced. Describe the penalties of a breached non-compete agreement.
  • How do you feel about the restrictions of a non-compete agreement? Would you sign a non-compete agreement as a condition of employment? Why or why not?

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