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Chapter 3: Business Transactions and the Accounting Equation

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Chapter 3 Study Plan

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Chapter 3, Section 1, Property and Financial Claims
Chapter 3, Section 2, Transactions That Affect Owner's Investment, Cash, and Credit
Chapter 3, Section 3, Transactions That Affect Revenue, Expense, and Withdrawals by the Owner

Extend: A Matter of Ethics

Chapter 3: Company Property, p. 48

  • Most companies have guidelines governing the use of company property such as telephones, office equipment, office supplies, the Internet, and e-mail.
  • If you are employed, ask your supervisor for a copy of the company's policies on the use of its property. If you are not employed, ask your parents if they can bring you the guidelines from their workplace.
  • Using your favorite search engine, find a company on the Web that has posted its policies on the use of company property.
  • Prepare a presentation outlining the most common guidelines of the policies you review.

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